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Freshwater Pearls Buying Tips

1. Color and Luster

Pearl has it's overtone on the surface, it makes the pearl looks charming. When the overtone appears on the baroque pearls, there will be rainbow like luster, and we call it as Orient, which make the jewel amazing.  The luster of pearls can be excellent, very good, good, fair, pour. Among the  pearls with excellent luster, some of them may even with mirror-like luster, and with orient, we call this pearls as Aurora peals, just as beautiful as the goddess of dawn in the myth. 

The beauty of cultured freshwater pearl is that they come in interesting colors: iridescent blacks, suave pinks, delicate silvers, and daring purples. Be aware sometimes to achieve these colors some pearls may need to go through a special freshwater pearls dyed process. So beware of pearls that are in especially low price.  

We guarantee that all pearls we provide are 100% Genuine Natural Untreated pearls, we handpick these pearls directly from freshwater oyster farms with high luster and minimal imperfections.  We also provide 30-Days Returns Policy on all orders. There are some easy ways to identify the real pearl, please kindly click HOW DO YOU TELL A REAL PEARL to know more about it. 


2. Size

Choosing the size of your Freshwater pearls determines if you wear them on a daily basis or only on special occasions. These guidelines will help you to decide.

These Freshwater Pearls can be worn every day with various outfits. The small gems won’t overwhelm casual dresses and will look professional in office clothes.

These sizes of pearls look best in a colorful pearl pendant. Set in sterling silver, they complement simple, sophisticated outfits and can be paired with small studded pearl earrings.

Freshwater pearls measuring between 11-14mm are specially created to draw attention with their delicate overtones. A pair of statement 14mm pearl earrings completes an evening backless dress, but can also be transitioned into daily outfits when the rest of the jewellery worn is minimal.

3. Shape

Round: Round pearls are the most valuable and often most desirable of all pearl shapes. Semi-round pearls are virtually round, and will appear round when strung together as a necklace or bracelet.

Drop: Drop pearls are symmetrically extended pearls that frequently take the form a tear-drop. Drop pearls are not only unique, but extremely valuable when found with the perfect "pear-shape."

Baroque: Baroque pearls are irregular in shape and at times elongated. Many people love the distinct "character" of baroque-shape pearls. These pearls are frequently found in designer jewelry pieces.

4. Surface & Luster

A: Heavy blemishing with only a 50% or less clean surface, Poor luster. (Not Sold at Pearl & Hope)

AA: Minor to medium blemishing with a 70-80% clean surface. Medium luster. (Not Sold at Pearl & Hope)

AAA: Minor blemishing with at least 90% of the pearl surface clean. High luster. 

AAAA: Very minor to no blemishing with at least 95% of the pearl surface clean. Very High luster.