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What Is Baroque Pearl ?


Baroque pearl refers to pearls generally are those with special shape pearls. For natural pearls, no matter cultured pearls, freshwater pearls or seawater pearls, they all have huge possibility to become baroque pearl, such as Almost-round, Semi-round, Rice- shape, Fireball, Keshi, Biwa. The surface of baroque pearl is not as smooth as round pearl, and some of them with natural growth textures and ripples.


  • Baroque pearl has it's overtone on the surface, it makes the pearl looks charming. When the overtone appears on the baroque pearls there will be rainbow like luster, and we call it as Orient, which make the jewel amazing. Amazing the pearls with the excellent luster, some of them my even with mirror-like luster, and with overtone, we call these pearls as Aurora Pearl, just as beautiful as the goddess of dawn in the myth.

  • So you can typically find this similer to the teardrop style in that type of shape and they make really great pendants but then you can also see them leaning more into like a biwa style. I am pretty sure is how you pronounce it and then it tends to be a little bit longer and then flatter on either side those make really beautiful necklaces. The beautiful thing about this style of pearl is it's very unexpected because it feels really natural at its core and it's got that beautiful shape built into it. It automatically counteracts how classic a pearl feels. So especially if you go for like earrings or a strand of these, you get that energy of the pearl. But in a way that feels a lot more down to earth, a lot more grounded and a lot more impactful.


The baroque pearls can be really great way to kind of play with layering your jewelry but also keep it very classic. And then another thing that I'm loving right now is the juxtap position of going for something really casual in the outfit, but then going for a strand of pearls and mixing those two together. So whether you're wearing pearl earrings or pearl necklace, going for maybe like a T shirt or a sweatshirt, it's such a great way to dress it down. And that balance is one of the great things about fashion right now because we're seeing so much personal interpretation and taking something that feels very classic, very polished and almost formal, but then wearing it in a very casual way, it makes it feel very current. I really love this one and then the last.