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White Baroque Pearl Ring; Adjustable Statement Ring S925 Sterling Silver-Pearl&Hope
White Baroque Pearl Ring; Adjustable Statement Ring S925 Sterling Silver-Pearl&Hope
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White Baroque Pearl Ring; Adjustable Statement Ring S925 Sterling Silver

Edison Pearls; Freshwater Baroque Pearls with Zircon
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Materials: Freshwater Edison Pearl and S925 Sterling Silver with zircon

Pearl type: AAAA+ Genuine Baroque Pearl

Pearl Size: approx. 9-11mm

Pearl Color: metallic white with reflection of pink overtone

Pearl luster: Good

Pearl Shape: Baroque

Pearl Body: Flawless to a few imperfections

Ring Band: S925 sterling silver; adjustable.

Please kindly note: The color of pearls may vary under different lights. The pearls are naturally grown, so they are one of a kind and will not be identical. I will handpick the pearls with the best shape and luster that I have for your order.


Very unique ring made of white baroque pearls. The pearls have a little metallic reflection with pink overtone. They look prettier in person than in my photos. The ring band is adjustable.


100% natural untreated colors. I handpick these pearls directly from freshwater oyster farms that are definitely high-quality with high luster and minimal imperfections. The metal accessories are high-quality S925 Sterling Silver plated platinum to prevent oxidation, which is sensitive skin-friendly.


Are these genuine pearls?
All of our pearls are genuine natural or cultured pearl. Not synthetic pearls made of shellac. Natural pearls form in certain mollusks without human help. The growth of cultured pearls requires human intervention and care.
What is baroque pearl ?
Baroque pearl refers to pearls generally are those with special shape pearls. For natural pearls, no matter cultured pearls, freshwater pearls or seawater pearls, they all have huge possibility to become baroque pearl, such as Almost-round, Semi-round, Rice- shape, Fireball, Keshi, Biwa. The surface of baroque pearl is not as smooth as round pearl, and some of them with natural growth textures and ripples.
How can I customize an item if I don't find the right one on the website?
Our product can provide customized services, please contact our customer service to place an order, contact email: pearls-hope@outlook.com When customizing products, the pearls you can choose are: freshwater pearl, seawater pearl, baroque pearl. The shape of pearls can be: Round, Oval , Semi-Round, Teardrop, Baroque, and so on....The color of pearls can be:  white, black, gold, peacock, purple, lavander, green, bronze, and any natutal colors of the pearls... The size range of the custom pearls is: 2~35mm.